The Best Laid Plans.........

I have just become very curious about how people do their planning.  Last week I did a 2 day workshop called Planapalooza (love the name!) which was all about planning for the upcoming year. What do you think I discovered?  As crazy, anal and organized that I am......I still didn't plan enough (or what I think is enough)!

Don't get me wrong, I PLAN EVERYTHING!  If someone wants to get something done they bring it to how did I let this lapse?  How did I let my own yearly plan get sidetracked?  The only answer I can come up with is not one that I like......... so now to get back to it.  And to get back to my curiosity HOW DO YOU DO YOUR PLANNING? 

I learned so much in those 2 days that my mind started racing. Ideas started brewing. $$ signs started dancing behind my eyes and then a headache started to set in.  It's so much!  It's so much to think about. So much to do.  There was a whole portion on delegating and all I could think of was "To Who"?  I am in this alone...for the most part.  

Of course, that was just a lot of fear and a little panic creeping in and I decided to sit down and make my own list of how to plan things:

Does that seem too simplified? I hope you weren't expecting something long and detailed. Think about it (In EASY WORLD) this is all we need. Money for survival and Joy to feed our souls! It may not be as realistic, and is definitely not as productive as proper planning....but I just needed that simplicity to get me tell me how do you do it?