NO is an O.K. Answer!

As I sat in my third (what seems like forever) meeting, my mind started to wander.......WHY am I here?  This meeting actually does not have much to do with me. I can't even understand most of the "lingo" being used.  How did I get here?

THE REASON:  I have a very hard time saying:

Why is NO so hard to say?  Two little letters come together to form a four letter word!  One syllable that can bring fear to people's hearts and cramps to their stomachs!

Is it  guilt - for standing up for what we want (or don;t want)? 

Is it a sense of "I should's"?   

Is it not wanting to disappoint other people?

CHECK!  All of the above for me!  But I realize that this is not helping me.  Saying YES when you mean NO can only lead to unhappiness and resentment!  Who needs that in their lives! NOT ME! 

So I challenge you (and myself) to start saying NO:

  1. To things that don't serve you.  
  2. When you feel taken advantage of
  3. To things that waste your time or aren't productive
  4. To things that work against you

And start saying YES

  1. To things that enrich your life
  2. To things that benefit you and your family
  3. To things that genuinely help others
  4. To things that bring you JOY

What does this have to do with organizing you may ask?  Well, think about buying things you don't need, keeping things "just because" and living with can start saying NO to these things as well ....... you're life WILL become more organized!

It's may be difficult......I know so here's a little video to get you on your way!

Let me know how you are doing!