Christmas Shopping.....Is It Ever Too Early To Start?

I am not here to preach about the right way to organize your Christmas shopping! 

We all have our own habits and we manage to get things done in our own time.

 Some of us thrive on doing things last minute and others need to have things done months ahead or else we start to itch!

And then there are some of us who want to get it done on time, hate to do things last minute, but just get paralyzed at the thought of all of that shopping!

The thought of the malls, the crowds and the money spent makes Christmas a dreaded time for some people.

The question I have is......... why wait?  

Think about the joy of Christmas giving all year and buy things as you see them.  If you see a sweater in July that you know your mother will love, BUY IT!

There is no rule that says you have to make a Christmas list at the end of the year and follow it! Have some fun. Be spontaneous.

As for the list of gifts that children want....and must have... AMAZON can be your best friend!

It is never too early to start your Christmas shopping!