What is Real Value?

I just got back from the grocery store and my head is spinning! 


Two for one!  Fifty percent off!  This week on special for:


As I was walking past the meat fridge I stopped and started scratching my head.....what's the best deal here? How will I get the most value?  If I buy the larger size package, will I use it or waste it...am I actually saving money?  I think I stared at the steak for 15 minutes!!

Of course we deal with this at the grocery store every day.


But what about other parts of our lives.  What is most VALUEable:  

  • "Me" Time?
  • Your Money?
  • Time with your Family?
  • Less Stress?
  • Knowing you got the best deal?


I wasted 15 minutes debating my decision about meat!  How much time do we waste comparison shopping for large ticket items......... This is really just a rant.....but the way I do business is this is your price and it is the lowest I can do. All places have their own bottom line!!


WHY NOT JUST START THERE.......and let us all know we got the best value!


Your thoughts?