Motivation Please!

Do you ever find yourself saying IF ONLY I...........

If only I had the time. If only it were more worthwhile. If only someone get the picture!  If only these things happened you would be motivated to DO something right?

Well, what would it take to motivate you to get & stay more organized?

Take the time to think about it.  Being more organized helps make your life easier! Who wouldn't want that? Would you find motivation in any of the following:

MONEY: It's a fact that being organized will help save you money.  Your bills will be paid on time. Your tickets etc would be bought before prices went up. You would know what coupons you have to use at all times.

REWARD: What if you decided to reward yourself for every month you stayed organized! Treat yourself to a facial. Take yourself out for dinner to your favorite restaurant. Buy yourself your favorite bottle of wine! You deserve it for making your life easier!

APPROVAL OR APPRECIATION: Your family will notice when things get more organized in your life....because it will naturally flow over into theirs as well! They will approve and your efforts and hard work will be appreciated more and more over time.

PERSONAL SATISFACTION: How about giving yourself a pat on the back every once in awhile? You should feel good about the habits you have created and the changes your have made!

Are any of the above enough to motivate you?  If so, what are you waiting for? Get started! If not, there are many great professional organizers out there to help keep you motivated!

Find what is right for you and as they say "JUST DO IT!"

 I would love to know what got you going! Please share.