Do You Want a New Closet for Christmas (or Chanuka)?

What would be the best gift ever? In my opinion it would be a brand new organized closet! Who doesn't want one?


So now what? There are SO MANY  options out there how do you decide?  I hope this will help:


1) Go Custom:  There are many large closet franchise companies (and little independents like me) that can make this process fun and easy for you.  Measurements will be taken, clothing will be assessed and designs will be created. You just sit back and relax and get a quality product like this:


2) DIY Melamine: You can go into any Lowe's or Home Depot and buy ready to build kits. There are many choices available. Be aware that these are all made in good quality material so take the time to check material thickness, system  adjustability and measurements before you buy. Here are some examples of what you will find in the stores:

3) DIY Wire Racking: This is the most inexpensive choice but also the least functional. You do not get any choice of heights of shelves, hangers often don't move freely, sweaters have marks left on them....and I can go on. can help you create a more organized space then just the simple shelf and rod. This may take you some time to figure out..and it has a tendency to fall off the wall if not perfectly installed.

Are you now more confused then ever? 

I don't blame you. If I walked into a store and saw all the DIY pieces, I would just wonder what to do with them.  How do I know what to design for my closet? How do I know I am getting the right pieces? Will everything work the way I think it will?

Here is my Holiday Gift to you. VIRTUAL CLOSET DESIGN: It's the best of both worlds! I will do the professional plans and you can buy and install the closet yourself! If you mention this Blog Post I will give you 15% OFF this service.  Check it out here: