Alphabet Gratitude

We can all get so caught up in our "stuff" that we forget the little things in life. You know the ones that make you smile in the middle of your day. The ones that make you pause in the middle of your daily mad rush. The ones that you will miss if you aren't present.  

Let's play a game: (I have done this on Facebook many times and people have thanked me) For the next 26 days, pick a letter of the alphabet and list the things you are grateful for that starts with the letter. It may sound silly to you......but it's contagious!

Here is my short list:

  • A- Aromatherapy
  • B- Beauty in all forms
  • C- Chocolate
  • D- Day Dreams
  • E- Earth
  • F- Friends and Family
  • G- My husband Greg
  • H- Happiness
  • I- Ice cream
  • J- Joyous occasions
  • K- Karma
  • L- LOVE
  • M- Mischief
  • N- Normalcy
  • O- Oxygen
  • P- Pedicures
  • Q- Q-tips
  • R- Respect  
  • S- Sunshine
  • T- Tomatoes
  • U- Universe
  • V- Violets
  • W- Water
  • X- Xanadu
  • Y- The word YES
  • Z- The non existence of Zombies

I hope you do it! I hope you share it! And most of all I hope your heart grows with it