Where do I Put it?

One of the things I see people struggling with a lot is how to store their things. Is it better to put their big piles of t-shirts in a drawer or on shelves? I know you want to hear my opinion because I have seen it all!

In my experience, the answer is simple: Drawers are for dumping and shelves are for stacking.

What do I mean by that?


Well, if you have a pile of sweaters, they will be better used and seen on a shelf! What happens when it’s put it a drawer? I see it all the time…the top piece is worn, put back on top and worn again. In order to even remember want you have at the bottom of a pile in a drawer, you’ll have to spend time digging. I know my time is too precious for that! When a pile of sweaters is on a shelf, you can see them all and get much more use out of your clothing!

Now, the opposite is true for things like underwear and socks: if things can’t pile nicely, then dump it in a drawer. That’s not to say your drawers will be disorganized (but that’s another chapter) just that the things need to be contained.

If you don’t have room for drawers, baskets on shelves will work just as well. If you don’t fold nicely, maybe add doors in front of your shelves so you can get the same view of your clothes…but also keep it hidden.

I hope these hints help!