Starting Fresh

It’s that time again! What are you ready to take on this year?

This year I decided that I am going to try to write a closet “guide” book of sorts. I learned in a marketing class that the easiest and quickest way to do that is to use blogs as your chapters! So that is my plan and you shall be my first readers!

To make it a little more interesting, I have created a character named Mirranda to tell stories about what she sees people struggling with in their closets all the time and maybe even divulge a few fun secrets from over her many years of observation.

Mirranda Original.png

I am sure some of these tips will sound familiar to you…..but we all need reminders now and then to keep us on track!

I look forward to this new adventure and will appreciate any feedback you have!

Let’s get started.  

Chapter 1 Starting Fresh:

You know what I notice? And I’ll bet this applies to you too: people have closets FULL of clothes and they wear the same things all the time. Those poor unworn pieces of clothing get very lonely and insecure. It makes me very sad to see them go unnoticed so I want to share an exercise to bring more attention to them! Will you take the time to play?       

  • STEP 1:  Make sure all of hangers the hangers in your closet are facing in the same direction, Then, make sure all the piles of clothing that you have (whether in drawers or on shelves) and neatly folded.

  • STEP 2: Once you wear a piece of clothing, turn the hanger backwards or put the folded piece back at the bottom of the pile.

  • STEP 3:  Commit to only wearing new things until you have turned all your hangers or rotated all your piles.

Now, I know what will happen along the way.......you will get to a piece and not "feel like" wearing it, or it doesn't "feel right" etc. Take note of those pieces and if it happens more than once...it's time to let it go!

Who's with me on this? It's a pretty easy exercise to play and you can weed through your wardrobe at the same time. 

 Remember: Someone else will probably love to wear whatever you choose to give away!  


Wondering What To Do With All That Halloween Candy?

Isn't it amazing how much candy one child can collect in a few hours on Halloween night? And what if they have a party on top of that? YIKES! 

Well, here are some quick tips on what to do with it all!

  • SORT all of the candy into "like with like" so that you can get a visual of what there actually is.

  • TRADE have your children trade with each other or their friends so they can get more of what they like.

  • REMOVE all of the candy they don't like.

  • DONATE anything they don't like to a food bank or children's hospital or any cause close to your heart.

  • FREEZE any chocolate so it will last longer.

  • LIMIT the daily intake by packing a few pieces for lunch.

  • TREAT Use the candy as special extra treat 

Please share any other ideas you may have! 

Decluttering for Back to School

It's that time again!  Kids are going back to school and parents are scrambling to get them ready. 

Well parents, you don't have to take the load on all by yourself! Below is a list of things your kids can help you round up at get rid of to help declutter their rooms and prepare them for school.

Feel free to print it out and share!  


Have fun with it and let me know how it works out!

3 Tricks to Avoid Over Packing

If you are anything like me, when you pack for a trip, you don't end up wearing more then half of the things you brought with you! At one point on every trip I wind up saying "What were you thinking?!" Well, I recently had to pack for a 3 week trip in 2 different destinations each with different weather.......so I stopped to really think about it before I packed.  These are the 3 tricks I can up with to keep me from overpacking:

  1. DO SOME RESEARCH BEFORE YOU LEAVE:  Before you leave, get some idea about what the weather will be, what kind of activities you may be doing, what the dress codes are for places you have planned etc. Once you know what types of things you need to bring you can limit what you pull out to pack.

  2. LAY EVERYTHING OUT TO MIX & MATCH:  Clear off your bed and grab a glass of wine....it's time to create outfits! We do this for ourselves every day...now you just have to plan ahead. You don't need to wear something different every day!  Choose only pieces that will work with others to create different outfits. ONE pair of formal shoes will do on most vacations! If you are going some place tropical, ONE "just in case I'm cold piece will do! Once you have it all laid out, leave the room for awhile and then come back to see if you can weed out any more.

  3. LEAVE ROOM FOR SHOPPING: Yes I am serious! If you fill your luggage with too much leaving home.....you will have no room to bring back any goodies! It's a no brainer!  

Wishing you all wonderful summer holidays!  Please share any packing tips that you have.


3 Ways to Avoid Distraction While Working

Have you ever felt that you are working  tirelessly but getting nothing done?

Whether you work from home or in an office DISTRACTION can be a problem and suck the time away from you!  We try to prioritize, we try to plan, we try to stay focused but external stimuli get the better of us!

Here are a three suggestions to help avoid distraction while you are working:

PUT YOUR PHONE AWAY:  Not on the desk next to you. AWAY. In a drawer or a bag where you can't see it!  Save checking your texts and personal calls/e-mails for your break time.

SET DO NOT DISTURB:  Put a Do Not Disturb sign on your door (or if you have the technology on your phone). Let people know that you are serious about concentrating and getting work done!

COMMIT to completing one task before starting the next.  There is nothing more easily distracting then a new task.  Finishing a task before starting another will make you feel like you have accomplished more in a day.  Having a bunch of unfinished tasks can leave you feeling dissatisfied at the end of the day.

These are easy things to try.....what can it hurt?

The worst thing that happens is that you get more done! OH MY!




It Feels So Good to Give... and I Don't Mean Money

They say "charity starts at home" and that is true! If we don;t take care of ourselves, we certainly can't help others.

But when we can boy does it feel good!

These thoughts are coming to me now as I am starting to dive into the hard work to create the yearly charity event I created called CANNED SEDONA. As I go through months of stress, anxiety and uncertainty, people ask me WHY I do it.  

I do it because I enjoy helping people. If I am making even a small difference in someone's life it makes me happy.

Everyone can give to people in need. It doesn't take much or mean spending a lot of money to help!

Here are 4 easy ways that you can help another person today:

1-  FOOD: Buy an extra non-perishable every week and make a collection to donate to your local food bank.or shelter

2- CLOTHING/HOUSEWARES: Give your old or unused items to the charity or shelter of your choice.

3- PARTICIPATION:  Do a Walk-A-Thon, volunteer or join a committee to help larger organizations raise money

4- LOVE: Volunteer to walk dogs and play with cats at an animal shelter, read to children in the hospital or spend time with the elderly.

None of the above options will cost you much but they sure will make other people happy!

Let me know how good it feels!!





The Corner Rules

Many of my clients ask me "How do you use the corners in a closet". Well, in my experience there is only one EFFECTIVE way to use corners but there are many options out there. 

Take a look: 

#1 - The Angled Corner Unit: With that small an opening....how will you ever know what is back there..never mind how you get to it! Once you hang clothes on the rods they will cover the opening even further and will make that access even more difficult!  

#2- Curved or Corner Shelves: Are not terrible when there is no hanging beside them but again, you will have items stuck far back in a corner which will probably never get used.

#3- Curved Rods: You can see for yourself in this photo that they are not a great use of space. Items can not hang the full range of the rod.

#4- The Lazy Susan: This works, sure...but again if you have anything hanging next to it, it will rub and hinder the spin of the shelves. Clothing folded in rectangles do not fit easily on a round shelf. This is a decent solution for shoes or purses.  

#5- Rods in 2 Directions: This is the most common use of corners and it does not work at all. It is physically impossible to hang the length of both rods. The shoulders of the clothing just smashes into each other.

#6- The Spiral Rod: Oh Yeah, this one is cool for sure but it takes up a ton of space. You can actually get more pieces of clothing on a regular rod then on this gadget. 

So what is my corner of choice? The Access Space:

The Access Space makes use of one wall completely and then leaves room for the clothes on the opposite wall to hang properly. When the correct amount of space is allowed, not only can you see the clothing in the corner, but you can easily reach it as well. 

I'm not saying the other ideas are wrong, just that in my 20 plus years o experience, this seems to work the best.

Do you have your favorite? Please share your thoughts!  

Referrals Make the World Go Around

Referrals make the world go around....the business world anyway!

Did you know that:

  • 65% of new business comes from referrals – New York Times

  • 92% of respondents trusted referrals from people they knew – Nielsen

  • People are 4 times more likely to buy when referred by a friend – Nielsen

A lot of  people I know run small businesses and struggle to compete with larger companies, so, when someone does great work for me I am happy to shout to from the rooftops!  

Small business owners and independent contractors, have a harder time spending the required amount of money on advertising or marketing to make their brand or services known. They count on word of mouth to help their business grow!

That is not to say big companies who do a great job do not deserve their kudos! Of course they do.

Good work deserves praise!

What do you say we all help each other out?

Think of 3 really great experiences you have has with any company / person / service and share them here!

I am excited to hear all of them! 

Day 10......Have You Kept Your New Year's Resolution(s)?

Most of us make and break our New Year's Resolutions every year!

Really.....what's the point? 

Do I have to wait until New Year's to decided I will:

  •  go to the gym

  •  stop drinking

  •  lose weight

  •  spend less money

Do any of these sound familiar?

I have stopped making them....why set myself up for failure over and over again.

We are who we are! If there is something we may want to change about ourselves, our habits our lives, it can be done on our own schedule and at our own pace!  


Happy New Year! Enjoy every second of it on your own terms!