Want vs Need

What do you think is more powerful:  WANT or NEED?

I have been thinking about this ever since I started writing my Closet Sales Class...WHY? because I was taught one thing a long time ago and now I am hearing that it is wrong.

Years ago when I was being trained as a Closet Designer, I was always told to sell not just to a need but to "the need behind the need".  For example:  Someone may need more space in the closet.....but the reason behind it may not be the extra space itself but the fact that she and her partner dress at the same time in the morning and bump into each other, get on each other's nerves then fight.  


I always thought that was a pretty powerful selling tool.......BUT.......not everyone will be forthcoming with their "issues". So that just leaves you selling to need. 


I started thinking about my buying habits.  I would say that nine times out of ten, I will buy something I NEED before something I WANT. In my mind that seems like the logic decision? Don't get me wrong....I buy things I want all the time.  I simply prioritize.


So what happens when it comes to big ticket items?


I have been selling closets for years and have been selling to "Needs" pretty successfully and now all of a sudden everything I read about marketing says that people buy what they Want....not what they Need!


Have budget considerations flown out the window? Do I stay quiet while a client packs their closet full of useless accessories they don't need?


I am confused!  What do you think? 

5 Reasons NOT to be Afraid to Hire a Professional Organizer

Many people say to me "I really need your help but I am afraid to have you come over".....and all I can think is really? Am I scary? LOL.  

Fear is a very strong emotion and one that can really hold us back from making changes or difficult and uncomfortable decisions. I know what I deal with and I would imagine my clients will deal with the same things:

  • Fear of change
  • Fear of letting go of something
  • Fear of loss
  • Fear of not having enough or not being able to get more
  • Fear of  dealing with buried emotions


And YES, de-cluttering and organizing your life can raise some of these deep issues. As professional organizers we are here to help you through's what we dedicate our lives to. Here are the 5 reasons why you should NOT be afraid to work with us:

1- We don't judge: We got into this profession to HELP people not to judge or ridicule them. We take pride in being able to motivate people into creating new patterns that will make their lives easier and more efficient.


2- We have seen everything: People are often under the false impression that they are alone in their situation.  If that were the case, Professional Organizers would not stay in business. There is really not much that will shock us!  


3- We are not perfectI can't speak for all organizer but to be truthful own life's organization will turn into chaos.  It happens to all of us.  We just have been taught the skills to get things back on track quickly.


4- Your appointments are confidential:  You don't have to worry about people finding out what you are doing or what you are working on.  What happens during your appointments stays at your appointment!


5- Our bark is worse than our bite:  We may give you a lot to do and think about and expect positive results. We are merely the don't have to worry about disappointing's all about YOU!


If you have any questions about working with a Professional Organizer, please feel free to contact me!

What is Real Value?

I just got back from the grocery store and my head is spinning! 


Two for one!  Fifty percent off!  This week on special for:


As I was walking past the meat fridge I stopped and started scratching my head.....what's the best deal here? How will I get the most value?  If I buy the larger size package, will I use it or waste I actually saving money?  I think I stared at the steak for 15 minutes!!

Of course we deal with this at the grocery store every day.


But what about other parts of our lives.  What is most VALUEable:  

  • "Me" Time?
  • Your Money?
  • Time with your Family?
  • Less Stress?
  • Knowing you got the best deal?


I wasted 15 minutes debating my decision about meat!  How much time do we waste comparison shopping for large ticket items......... This is really just a rant.....but the way I do business is this is your price and it is the lowest I can do. All places have their own bottom line!!


WHY NOT JUST START THERE.......and let us all know we got the best value!


Your thoughts?