Work from home

3 Ways to Avoid Distraction While Working

Have you ever felt that you are working  tirelessly but getting nothing done?

Whether you work from home or in an office DISTRACTION can be a problem and suck the time away from you!  We try to prioritize, we try to plan, we try to stay focused but external stimuli get the better of us!

Here are a three suggestions to help avoid distraction while you are working:

PUT YOUR PHONE AWAY:  Not on the desk next to you. AWAY. In a drawer or a bag where you can't see it!  Save checking your texts and personal calls/e-mails for your break time.

SET DO NOT DISTURB:  Put a Do Not Disturb sign on your door (or if you have the technology on your phone). Let people know that you are serious about concentrating and getting work done!

COMMIT to completing one task before starting the next.  There is nothing more easily distracting then a new task.  Finishing a task before starting another will make you feel like you have accomplished more in a day.  Having a bunch of unfinished tasks can leave you feeling dissatisfied at the end of the day.

These are easy things to try.....what can it hurt?

The worst thing that happens is that you get more done! OH MY!




WOW! That was tough!

So how do you define success? Is it when you get what you want....or you deliver on other people's expectations? That's a tough one...and you may be wondering why I am asking such a thing.  Fair enough!


I just finished a live and interactive Facebook event called Closet Design Basics to teach the basics of custom closet design and help entrepreneurs create a new business or people working from home create a small business. Was it a success....well that would depend who you ask.


Why I created the class was two fold:

  • To teach people a skill
  • To generate interest in my on line course


Well......I did both! The MANY participants were engaged, learning and interested in everything I have to offer! I am thrilled!


So why are others getting me down saying it was unsuccessful if I didn't make X amount of dollars...who are they to say!

I am frankly tired of all the ads I am seeing promoting your door to a MILLION DOLLAR business......excuse my language but I am calling BS on all of that!

I know what it took me to get my course done and I know what struggles people are having after taking my course.....because I CARE and I FOLLOW THROUGH with people.  It's not about the money!!  Any new skill takes time to learn and expand on to become confident enough to become a success.  

It's scary!  Starting anything new is scary!  Taking the leap of faith is terrifying, but if you will never know!   What is that saying? 

All I wanted to say I that we all put ourselves out there. New is good, and it only matters if YOU think you were a success!

I am proud and pleased with the comments and feedback I received about the event and I know that the rest will follow!