It Feels So Good to Give... and I Don't Mean Money

They say "charity starts at home" and that is true! If we don;t take care of ourselves, we certainly can't help others.

But when we can boy does it feel good!

These thoughts are coming to me now as I am starting to dive into the hard work to create the yearly charity event I created called CANNED SEDONA. As I go through months of stress, anxiety and uncertainty, people ask me WHY I do it.  

I do it because I enjoy helping people. If I am making even a small difference in someone's life it makes me happy.

Everyone can give to people in need. It doesn't take much or mean spending a lot of money to help!

Here are 4 easy ways that you can help another person today:

1-  FOOD: Buy an extra non-perishable every week and make a collection to donate to your local food bank.or shelter

2- CLOTHING/HOUSEWARES: Give your old or unused items to the charity or shelter of your choice.

3- PARTICIPATION:  Do a Walk-A-Thon, volunteer or join a committee to help larger organizations raise money

4- LOVE: Volunteer to walk dogs and play with cats at an animal shelter, read to children in the hospital or spend time with the elderly.

None of the above options will cost you much but they sure will make other people happy!

Let me know how good it feels!!