Make Clothing Exchanges Fun and FAIR!

Clothing exchanges are a great thing to do with your friends when you have good pieces you don't like or can't wear any more. But, they can also be very frustrating.

I have been to a few where some people bring beautiful pieces and others bring old ratty ones. When everything is just thrown in a pile on the floor.....the outcome can be quite unfair.

Of course my professional organizer mind takes over and begs me to 


Here's the plan I came up with for an organized clothing exchange:

  1. Ask everyone to bring only good quality used pieces. Nothing with stains, frays or tears.
  2. Organize the items by category so people will easily find what they might be looking for.  
  3. Have 3 rounds timed how ever long you like.  Leave enough time for people to look around and try things on.  Whatever they don't choose goes back in the piles. 
  4. In the first round, people can choose the same amount of items that they brought with them to exchange. In the second round, decide how many more pieces everyone is allowed to choose. 
  5. Before the final round, people can decide whether they want to give away what is left over or take it back.

It may sound complicated but it's not!  It is organized and fair!

Give it a try and let me know how it goes.  My friends have all thanked me for it! 

5 Choices When Spring Cleaning Your Closet

If you are someone who avoids cleaning out your closet because you can't decide what to keep and what to get rid of,(and what I mean by get rid of is to donate or hand down unless it's unwearable)'s are 5 tips to help make your choices easier.

5 spring cleaning.jpg
  1. To Wear or Not To Wear:  You know what I am talking about! We all have those pieces of clothing that we start at time and time again thinking we will wear it, we should wear it and of course we never wear it. Those pieces need to go! Yes, you may have paid a lot of money for it, but your money will be better spent if someone else is wearing it, than if it's sitting in your closet!  
  2. Ouch it Hurts: Ugh my feet are killing me! Is that another blister? If these things sound have some shoes that need to go! Life is too short to have sore feet!
  3. Did That Ever Fit?:  Are you standing in front of the mirror wondering how you ever fit into a piece of clothing? If it doesn't fit properly, send it on it's way. Yes, you may lose/gain the weight again but then treat yourself to new clothes. Live in the present and enjoy!
  4. Never Again!: Say goodbye to the pink taffeta bridesmaid dress or your wedding dress from 15 years ago! If you know you will never wear something again, give it to someone who will!
  5.  Tugging at the Heart Strings: High school is over. Your camp days are in the past. IF you are wearing some old comfy pieces that are torn and ragged but simply make you happy: BRAVO! But, If you are saving clothing in a box just for sentimental value, take a photo and move on.

I hope these helped and if you have any other ideas please share with us!

Closet Resolutions

It's that time again! The time where we pressure ourselves to make tough changes to "better" our lives or ourselves. Personally, I think it's all to much pressure! How about we play a game instead?

The game can be considered a "resolution" but you can have some NO PRESSURE fun while being productive. So, here's how it works: 


STEP 1:  Make sure all of hangers the hangers in your closet are facing in the same direction,  Then make sure all of the piles of clothing that you have (whether in drawers or on shelves) and neatly folded.

STEP 2: Once you wear a piece of clothing, turn the hanger backwards or put the folded piece back at the bottom of the pile.

STEP 3:  Commit to only wearing new things until you have turned all your hangers or rotated all your piles.

Now, we all know what will happen along the will get to a piece and not "feel like" wearing it, or it doesn't "feel right" etc. Take note of those pieces and if it happens more then's time to let it go!

Who's with me on this? It's a pretty easy resolution to make and you can weed through your wardrobe at the same time. 

Remember: Someone else will probably love to wear whatever you choose to give away!  

Self Care: The Holidays are Coming!

I live in a town where I hear the words "self-care" a lot! I mean A LOT!  Not that it was ever a foreign  concept to me, but when I lived in a big city I never really had time to give it much thought. I must admit, I am still not very good at it, but with the holidays coming up (and my stress level about to be elevated), I figured now was as good a time as any, so......

I started thinking about what I could do to take care of me, myself and I, so that I could be better equipped for the fun, family, excitement, over stimulation and mayhem the holiday season entails! I know that if I feel this way that others must too so I thought of 4 EASY WAYS to take care of yourself in preparation for the holidays (or even to recoup after)!


  1. MEDITATE: O.K., I can't really do that either! How about just sitting quietly by yourself with your eyes closed, listening to your favorite music, blocking out the outside world? CLOSE ENOUGH Right?!  
  2. JOURNAL: If this sounds too daunting....just call it writing! Take the time to express your feelings, worries, frustrations etc on paper. No one ever needs to read it. Just let all your thoughts out and your mind settle down.
  3. ESCAPE: I mean, just go DO SOMETHING that you have always wanted to do or never make time to do! Dye your hair, Get a french manicure. Pierce your belly button. Ride a roller coaster. Eat get what I mean.

LUXURIATE: Pamper yourself! If you can afford it, go for a Spa Day! If you can't pick your favorite body treatment and enjoy OR simply add some oils to your long hot bath!


It doesn't matter what you do as long as the priority is YOU! 


Do You Want a New Closet for Christmas (or Chanuka)?

What would be the best gift ever? In my opinion it would be a brand new organized closet! Who doesn't want one?


So now what? There are SO MANY  options out there how do you decide?  I hope this will help:


1) Go Custom:  There are many large closet franchise companies (and little independents like me) that can make this process fun and easy for you.  Measurements will be taken, clothing will be assessed and designs will be created. You just sit back and relax and get a quality product like this:


2) DIY Melamine: You can go into any Lowe's or Home Depot and buy ready to build kits. There are many choices available. Be aware that these are all made in good quality material so take the time to check material thickness, system  adjustability and measurements before you buy. Here are some examples of what you will find in the stores:

3) DIY Wire Racking: This is the most inexpensive choice but also the least functional. You do not get any choice of heights of shelves, hangers often don't move freely, sweaters have marks left on them....and I can go on. can help you create a more organized space then just the simple shelf and rod. This may take you some time to figure out..and it has a tendency to fall off the wall if not perfectly installed.

Are you now more confused then ever? 

I don't blame you. If I walked into a store and saw all the DIY pieces, I would just wonder what to do with them.  How do I know what to design for my closet? How do I know I am getting the right pieces? Will everything work the way I think it will?

Here is my Holiday Gift to you. VIRTUAL CLOSET DESIGN: It's the best of both worlds! I will do the professional plans and you can buy and install the closet yourself! If you mention this Blog Post I will give you 15% OFF this service.  Check it out here:




Motivation Please!

Do you ever find yourself saying IF ONLY I...........

If only I had the time. If only it were more worthwhile. If only someone get the picture!  If only these things happened you would be motivated to DO something right?

Well, what would it take to motivate you to get & stay more organized?

Take the time to think about it.  Being more organized helps make your life easier! Who wouldn't want that? Would you find motivation in any of the following:

MONEY: It's a fact that being organized will help save you money.  Your bills will be paid on time. Your tickets etc would be bought before prices went up. You would know what coupons you have to use at all times.

REWARD: What if you decided to reward yourself for every month you stayed organized! Treat yourself to a facial. Take yourself out for dinner to your favorite restaurant. Buy yourself your favorite bottle of wine! You deserve it for making your life easier!

APPROVAL OR APPRECIATION: Your family will notice when things get more organized in your life....because it will naturally flow over into theirs as well! They will approve and your efforts and hard work will be appreciated more and more over time.

PERSONAL SATISFACTION: How about giving yourself a pat on the back every once in awhile? You should feel good about the habits you have created and the changes your have made!

Are any of the above enough to motivate you?  If so, what are you waiting for? Get started! If not, there are many great professional organizers out there to help keep you motivated!

Find what is right for you and as they say "JUST DO IT!"

 I would love to know what got you going! Please share.




Alphabet Gratitude

We can all get so caught up in our "stuff" that we forget the little things in life. You know the ones that make you smile in the middle of your day. The ones that make you pause in the middle of your daily mad rush. The ones that you will miss if you aren't present.  

Let's play a game: (I have done this on Facebook many times and people have thanked me) For the next 26 days, pick a letter of the alphabet and list the things you are grateful for that starts with the letter. It may sound silly to you......but it's contagious!

Here is my short list:

  • A- Aromatherapy
  • B- Beauty in all forms
  • C- Chocolate
  • D- Day Dreams
  • E- Earth
  • F- Friends and Family
  • G- My husband Greg
  • H- Happiness
  • I- Ice cream
  • J- Joyous occasions
  • K- Karma
  • L- LOVE
  • M- Mischief
  • N- Normalcy
  • O- Oxygen
  • P- Pedicures
  • Q- Q-tips
  • R- Respect  
  • S- Sunshine
  • T- Tomatoes
  • U- Universe
  • V- Violets
  • W- Water
  • X- Xanadu
  • Y- The word YES
  • Z- The non existence of Zombies

I hope you do it! I hope you share it! And most of all I hope your heart grows with it