When you go out of town, would you like to know your home is being taken care of while you’re away?  I offer home watch services and will treat your home like I would mine.

A typical home visit includes:

- Checking for water leakage inside and out

- Checking for insects / rodents

- Plants are watered (per your instructions)

- Making sure the house is securely locked

- Checking for any damage inside and out

- Keeping the house at the temperature you prefer

Special services:

- Meeting with delivery or repairmen

- Responding to alarms if necessary

- Coordinating repairs or renovations

- Filling your fridge with staples (per your list) before your arrival


Do you walk through your day completely overwhelmed with too many tasks and not enough time?

Do you struggle with getting organized, or keeping things too long? 

Do you desire a work and home space that nourishes and supports you

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