From Food Coma to Closet Design Course!

As I rose from my Thanksgiving food coma, I felt satiated and grateful for everything that I have. I am lucky enough to have created an organizing business that makes me a living, and more importantly makes me I decided it was time to start writing my blog!


Then I thought to myself: You have NO IDEA how to write a blog.......but someone told me to "just write".  This got my mind churning..what do I write about? What can I give back? I have so much knowledge so how do I share it?

A Light bulb went off! I am an EXPERT CLOSET DESIGNER...(my Facebook Group says so!)I can TEACH! Now how do I do that?  If you know me at all....which I hope eventually you all will. if I am one thing it's tenacious. Of course being an organizer I started writing down the steps to making this happen: 

1) Decide Format: For me it will have to be on line (I am terrified of public speaking)

2) Choose Delivery Method: I will have to know what is available out there so that I can create my course within the guidelines.

3) Write Content: Now, this is I expect to be the hard part.but,  I was lucky enough to be trained by California Closets over 2 decades ago, so I have a format burned into my mind.

4) Do the visuals: I will need to have  videos for people to follow, Photos for guidance, printable forms...the more information the better!

5) Then comes marketing:  Well, I scared myself by then, but that's what I have a coach for!

All this to say I am going for it!  I am going to create a course to teach Closet Design. I hope you will join me on my journey and reap the benefits of the outcome!